Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Conference rooms...

I dont need sesquipedalian words in order to make our conference rooms detailed, described and explained. It contains an ordinary wooden table, couple of white boards, water jugs, a computer and the most remarkable and interesting thing - projector. More about projector, coming soon. A slight tilt of head towards the ceiling, if made, would unveil a perplexing, crisscrossed water hoses and air ducts. Dont ask me what those water hoses are for...use your common sense.

You should be now wondering if I had missed out the screen, in the list, on which the beam is projected. No No No, how can you accuse me of that, when there is no screen for projection.
The walls, which forms the boundary of the room, are worth mentioning at this juncture. They have many roles to play. Let me list 'em out for the ease of readers:
- A projection screen
- A back support for those who come late (for the lack of chair)
- A noise level de-limiter (needs some explanation, since the walls are made of thick cardboard, one can over hear the meetings in progress in the next room. If you feel you're being disturbed, knock the wall a couple of times, and silence will be the result of it)

Now its time to turn our attention towards the aforementioned "Projector". I'm not sure about the brand, I guess it is Benq. It has a unique property of changing colors, intenstity and vivacity. The focus setting knob, even with infinite rotations, never sets the focus. Last week I remember the whole screen (wall, to be more accurate) had a indigo tint and this week I was not surprised to see yellow screen. I'm hoping to see all the seven colors in the coming weeks, emanating from the lens of our "rainbow" projector. Another feature of this highly advanced projector, which I like the most, is its highly touch sensitive. Solution to any weird problems is one tight, noisy smack on its body.

Sombre and slumber are the meeting moods quite often. It is highly unlikely that the meeting would kick-off at the stipulated time, as it takes around 10min for the PC to boot up, after jacking the power and network plugs. The probability of someone stumbling over the wire of slow and sluggish PC, which just booted up like a tortoise, is quite high and this consumes another quarter of an hour to bring the state to “Please enter your login name and password” screen. Insomniacs have a quick remedy in our meetings, it'll put them to sound sleep within seconds. More interesting and intriguing meeting would involve a plumber or an electrician working over the ceilings that have already been described, but this is extremely rare. Just contrary to mother nature, where species gets multiplied, the strength in our meeting rooms just gets divided: 16 to 8 to 4 to 2 and sometimes with only one guy left over. A dose of caffeine, is a must carry to prevent yourself from dozing, since our plumber friend is not always present on the top to entertain. The speaker is the most attentive guy around and his responsiblity is to make everyone snooze and understand what he says, at the same time.

Getting a meeting call, time for afternoon siesta. Will let you know what color I saw today.

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