Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Zhangjiang Swimming Pool

Usually three or more pretty "PERIOD" women welcome you with a grim face at the reception counter of the Zhangjiang Club. Even though they have seen me from past one year, almost everyday, they waste two minutes of mine, by swiping my card and verifying the photograph. They dont have the word "OBLIGE" in their dictionary, "SMILE" on their face and "KINDNESS" in their heart.

Opening the lockers is another hilarious task, the key needs to be jacked inside for a minimum of five times and then, if you're lucky enough, you can unlock it. A quick shower and a 10 feet gait, will lead you to the pool. I've to confess that the maintenance of the pool is quite decent. You can have the pleasure of Sauna and Water jets for no extra cost.

Let me turn your attention to the people who swim there, rather than the pool itself.

- I feel the water medium is an aphrodisiac, there will be a minimum of one couple for sure, caressing mutually with an alibi of swimming. I guess their bathroom tubs are not big enough to accomodate them, I have no qualms about them, but sometimes they get disturbed by my high speed swimming.
- Next comes these people who prove Archimedes principle everytime they enter the pool. They, the brand ambassadors of KFC and Mc.Ds, are so obese (yeah there are obese people in China for your information) that a couple of them can displace quarter of the pool's water. I picture a hippopotamus, wading thorugh the waters, when I see those innocent, byouant swimmers.
- There are a dozen of men with midlife crisis, whose only task is to enter the pool and take rest. Maybe it gives them a feeling more of Jacuzzi than a swimming pool. They rest their hands on the platform, with body in the water, gossiping for hours.
- Now is the turn of most interesting people...chicks!!!
Yeah there are very few chicks in their sexy, tiny bikinis occasionally. They're pretty, they're cute, some are hot, none of them can float. They flaunt their buxom figures in the shallow side of the pool and disappear. God keep them pretty always.
- Now before you guys ponder over, to what class I belong...
I belong to different set - hit the pool, finish 40 laps, impress others with rapid butterfly strokes, drool at babes, if any, and wind up.

Kids are the best among all. They again there are two sorts:
There are some kids who are religiously taught swimming, by the lifeguards.
There are other kids, who, I think, wear a special kind of swim glasses that makes all the human beings in the pool invisible. They just blindly jump into the pool, if you're under them, you'll suffer extreme irritation of water running into your nose or you may taste a big gulp of that holy water.

With such diverse species in the pool, its surely one of the best places to chill out in summers and warm up in winters. I proudly say, Zhanjgiang pool rock!!!
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