Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I just got killed

Just received a "rainbow card" from Shangdong airlines, the intent of which is to collect mileage. I've to fly by their airlines, live in star hotels, roam around in expensive taxi services to gain mileage - which could be redeemed for a free flight sometime when I'm old.

You might be wondering why the wierd title for this small piece of crap.
My name as on passport goes like this:
Sachin Honnenahalli Bharadwaj Ramachandra ... I'm sure you would be gasping for breath by the time you read my name.
But here comes the killer:
Sachin Honwenaitalli Bitaradwaj Ramac ... the way Shandong airlines addressed me on their envelope.
Now I'm wondering if my handwriting was this deviant when I filled the form.