Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Back from Onsite???

A typical post-onsite scenario, a long onsite.

Day 1: Say hi to all the team members.
Computers and phones are yet to be provided with.
See (not stare) those females who were once babes and now look as though they have babies.
People look at you as though saying "One more new joinee...huh?".
Relish the food others are averted to.

Day 2: Get the computer and phone.
Call up friends until your phone displays message "You've reached maximum call limit"
Half day gone in checking mails.
See a dozen of "Non work related website" warnings during browsing.

Day 3: See more "Non work related website" warnings due to some of the websites visited on day 2.
One of the manager comes and asks "Come we'll meet" with the face speaking out "I'll do a big favour for you, come with me".
The gist of "How was your trip? Any new photographs? How was the experience? Not getting married?" is "I'm hunting you for my project, join me".

Day 4: Discuss an year old salary issue with a skip level manager and promptly get a cliche answer "I'll address it separately, lets not mix things together"
Ponder over how to kill time - gtalk, orkut, facebook, myspace, yahoo. Other options include coffee, tea, complan, masala tea, lemon tea.
Looks like the whole world is busy while you have all the time.

Day 5: Use the similar options to kill time as of day 4.
Try to figure out some proxy server to open "Non work related" websites. Hurray!!! found one.
Find new ways for time management - Newspapers and magazines at reception, receptionist.
Chalk out plans for weekend.
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