Saturday, June 09, 2007

How is Mexico???

Every mail I received from every contact of mine, had the line "How is Mexico?" as though they had a protocol among them. And for most of them I replied with an utter cliche statement "Everything is hot, females and weather". I made it banal to such an extent that even I got peeved by this. Hence I got motivated to flesh out the answer to "How is Mexico?"

Monterrey city
Imagine two parallel mountain ranges and a city with healthy infrastructure sandwiched between them, thats Monterrey in a sentence. It is sandwiched between Sierra Madre oriental and occidental ranges which immensely beautify the city. The downtown has spread over the lower mountains like a cheese on the bread. The night view of the city is extremely picturesque, the street lamps form the contour of the hills revealing obscurely the shape of the mountain. The city has a metro (elevated line) which mainly serves downtown, neatly laid roads, innumerable flyovers, a river (though the stream from a bathroom pipe is stronger) separates two avenues of the city. As any other developed city shopping malls are prevalent and night life is hyper-active. Summers get awfully hot and winters are pretty cold. Mostly American cars and super-bikes ply.

Most food in Mexico has a common ending - "OS". Burritos, tacos, nachos, cabritos. Let me not get into nitty-gritties of these but try to give an overview of Mexican food, the ones I've had till now. Tacos are something like our chapathis, made of corn and stuffed with a varying combination of curries of vegetables and meat. It is had with salsa. No!!! Don't think Mexicans are mad to eat while they dance. Salsa is not just dance, it's also chilli sauce invariably used with almost all Mexican dishes. Nachos are corn chips eaten with chopped onions, avocados and salsa. I've heard cabritos is a very typical dish of Monterrey, consisting of a baby goat roasted on charcoal, but have not been able to relish it yet. Tequila and beer are the most popular drinks. A more comprehensive Mexican food manual is on my "to write list", please wait.

This is something which made me fall in love with Mexico the moment I landed. You'll be greeted by every passerby with a quick smile and "buenos dias". They are extremely lively, party loving, merry making, easy going, quick mingling, good humored, deliciously honest, incredibly affable hoi polloi on earth. My colleagues became instant friends and I've never experienced that distance which prevails among people of different cultures and countries. The hierarchical difference is non-existent, managers and peers are treated alike, with same warmth and slangs. I was almost ending this article, suddenly it struck that I was missing something. Mexican women are hot!!! I've got proof here.

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