Friday, July 27, 2007

Limping Leopard

Stability is one of the most important USPs of Mac systems. But I feel sorry to say that their latest cat Leopard is badly wounded and painfully limping.

It all started when a friend of mine offered me a copy of Leopard (Developer Preview version) to try out. I was a lazy goose to backup all my data and install it afresh, I did an upgrade over the strong and steady tiger. This left both the cats in their half-lives, there by making the system annoyingly and irksomely unstable.
The cats started having a death-like sleep. Only a restart could wake the system from sleep, despite fiddling around with pmset and sleep image file.
The time never got updated unless its clicked on.
Most programs crashed.
I decided that its not a great idea to encage both cats in a single cell and decided to knock Tiger off.

Leopard was not agile and fast as expected, though it was an eye candy. Desktop looked a lot nicer. It boasted of Spaces which the Linux X-managers had decades before. But what hit me worst was the incompatibility of programs, even the ones designed by Apple!!!

Aperture worked madly erratic on Leopard. The image in the viewer disappears leaving behind a dashing black patch on screen, many a times it crashes for unknown reasons and software update fails. It gives a Microsofteque error message when it finishes downloading the update "The update could not happen, the file was moved to trash"...err...what file? who moved it to trash?

Blogging or composing could make you go crazy. The text gets garbled into ugly characters as you type more than half the line width. Refreshing does not happen, newly typed characters are not displayed and correcting mistakes is the most tedious task, for you don't know what letter is being deleted.

Firefox crashes when Flashgot is integrated with it and you try to download a file.

Drag and drop a file in Finder, the application mysteriously vanishes and reappears, just like one of those famous explorer crashes.

CDs with slightest scratches will not mount, it pops out with equal enthusiasm as I push it in with.

I only hope the non-developer preview version of Leopard lives up to its name.

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