Thursday, August 30, 2007

Etymology of F--U--C--K

A friend of mine told me this interesting fact about the most versatile and most widely used exclamation "F--U--C--K". Not sure about its authenticity though.

It seems in olden days in England, the couples could not have sex at their will. The king had to give them permission to do so. Before getting into the act, they had to put a notice on the door saying "Fornicating Under the Consent of King".

Interesting, isn't it?

Now some points to ponder over...
  • What if the king says NO, NEVER?Would they still be doing it with notice "Not Fornicating Under the Consent of King"?
  • What would the king write on the board "Fornicating Under My Own Consent"?
  • What if king's son does that "Fornicating Under My Father's Consent"?
  • What if king is dead and no one is appointed yet?
  • What would happen if no consent is taken and king discovers that?
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