Tuesday, August 28, 2007

No carne, No pollo, No pescado...Solamente vegetariano

A classic quiz question:
Pamela Anderson, Alicia Silverstone, Kim Basinger, Olivia Newton John, Princes Diana, Shania Twian, Arun Radhakrishan...What is common?

They all are females---No Arun is the odd man out
They all are celebrities ----No Arun is not a celebrity yet


You nailed it!!!

They all are vegetarians.

Now we have this special person in our team - shy, friendly, tender, soft spoken, warm hearted, non-alcoholic, non-smoking, die hard vegetarian. I'm not sure if the other celebrities have atleast eaten meat once in their life time...but Arun wins hands down when it comes to vegetarianism, though he has relished chicken without being aware of it.

He spits out his signature statement everytime while ordering the food in restaurant, here in Mexico. No carne, no pollo, no pescado...solamente vegetariano (no beef, no chicken, no fish...only vegetarian). He would want to add few more - no jamon, no camarón, no calamares, no chivo, no huevo (no ham, no shrimp, no squid, no sheep, no egg) but I guess he is scared that the waiter may get impatient while taking orders and shoot back "Pinche Cabron".

He belongs to those few set of people, who always have a calm temperament, but if you have to see his fury then there is only one way out. Bribe the waiter at restaurant to mix meat in his order, allow Arun to eat and then tell him it has meat. Arun then reveals his another face...the face of anger, the face of fury, the face of wrath!!! If only he had license to kill, he would chop-off the waiter with the chef's meat cleaver..oops!!!...but cleaver is non-vegetarian, not sure how he kills them.

Sometimes I think how would he be placing order in occidental countries like China, Japan or Korea.
Arun: "No chicken, no sheep, no pork, no beef, no fish, no squids, no shrimps, no snakes, no dogs, no cats, no monkeys, no donkeys, no horse, no birds, no rats, no rabbits, no scorpions, no centipedes, no millipedes, no bugs, no bees, no snails, no sea-horses, no sea-lions, no that, no this"
Waiter: (with a wide smile)"No food".

Old habits die hard, if you happen to hear a person saying "no chicken, no beef, no fish, only vegetarian" after ordering a plate of idli-vada or masala-dosa in either Sukh Sagar or Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara (SLV) restaurants in Bangalore, thats Mr. Arun.

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