Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cosmopolitan Barbie

I happened to meet an "Interesting" person during one of my recent trips. Let me not reveal her name, but let me call her "B" and dish out some of the pearls that fell out from the combined work of her extremely intelligent brain and talkative mouth.

B: B
Me: Sachin, nice to meet you.
B: Nice to meet you too, I'm sorry I'm in a hangover
Me: That's OK.
B: How do you say your name again?
Me: Sachin
B: Sashin
Me: No! Sachin with a "chi" not "shi"
B: Aaah well...Sa-chi-n

On the way we had to pick some coffee in the Starbucks driveway, since that’s her usual breakfast. We picked our parcel and hit the road.
B: What do you think of prototypes?
I was wondering what prototype is she talking about, a prototype of a car or a prototype of a design. I even gave a thought if she was making a mistake of protocol or something since I work on protocol stacks.
Me: What prototypes?
B: Ooops!!! Heeehahahaha I’m so sorry. I wanted to ask about Stereotypes
We laughed for such a long time that I forgot to answer her.
Me: You’re proving that you have hangover.
B: Yeah I love drinking.

B: What do you think of these graffitis on the wall?
Me: They are artistic, I kinda like them.
B: Artistic!!! They make the wall ugly.
Me: I never felt so. Back in India, they deface the walls with posters, but here the grafittis are beautiful.
B: Paris is full of graffitis too.
Me: Never been there, no idea.
B: I met this person in Paris to whom I said that the graffitis have spoilt the beauty of city and you know what, I was surprised that even he said they are artistic.
Me: Because they truly are artistic.
B: But Amsterdam doesn't have any of them.
Me: I see
B: *chuckles* I heard that they are written by the fans of bands, like if someone writes Misfits, the other fans come and write Metallica or something.
Me: Nice.

On the way we got stuck in traffic jam for nearly 2 long hours. We just had to sit in the car and talk.
B: So, is India atleast half the size of Mexico???
Me: What!!! @%#*$!#!???
B: Nooo???
Me: Lady, India is the seventh largest country in the world and Mexico is 15th largest. Do you have any idea how big is India?
B: Ohh reallyyyyyyyy? *chuckles*
Me: Good that it was interrogation not affirmation and also good that you told this just to me and not to bunch of Indians.
B: Atleast is it half of China?
Me: In terms of what? Area or population?
B: Area!!!
Me: Have you ever seen a map B? Do you know how big is China?
B: You have good knowledge of geography.

After that we had some discussion about population and I don't remember it well. I just remember she gave some ridiculously small figures of Mexico city population while it's one of the most populated cities in the world.

On the way back she told more about herself, "You know what! I'm highly independent. I have a house here in Monterrey which I bought on my own. My father paid just 3/4th the price. And I have complete freedom. Once I had been to this party and had told my father that I'll back by 1AM and it was delayed. My father calls me up and sends me SMSes but I don't respond. Come on I'm not a kid anymore, finally I went home at 4 A.M. And my friends call me 'Cosmopolitan Barbie'"

We thought of eating something since we had skipped both breakfast and lunch. Everybody said they are OK to eat anywhere and asked me. Since everybody had no hassles about eating anywhere I said that I would prefer some tacos. After sometime B receives a call and during the call she says "We are going for tacos place to eat something, even though I don't eat tacos I'll just go with these guys".
I was pissed off by her attitude and more than that I was surprised by that fact that she does not eat tacos!!! Its like an Indian not eating eat rice sambar or roti dal, Chinese not eating noodles or Japanese not eating sushi. Because of her we had to go to a place which sells, what I feel the stupidest food on earth, hamburgers and fries.

I hope by this time you would have guessed what B stands for.

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