Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Human eggs

Me, S, L and J were having a discussion on eggs and S and J were flaunting the biological IQ they had in surplus.

S: Do you have any idea what bird's egg is the one which is slightly darker than the normal eggs?
Me: Not sure, I think it's from a different breed of poultry or worst case it may be of ducks.
S: No duck's eggs are similar to chicken's, I thought it was of pigeon or something.
L: But you could have tried it no?
S: Ayyyyyo ammma!!! No man. You don't know what these Mexicans eat, it may be eggs of human beings also.
Me: (To add to more fun) Yeah, Mexicans may eat human beings' eggs too and it may be tasty.
J: (very seriously) No but do you know, only females give out eggs not the males!!!
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