Thursday, September 27, 2007

An ordinary day...

After scribbling pages together on all the weekend escapades and adventures, I felt like giving a glimpse of how an ordinary day looks like, here in Monterrey.

Life starts at wee hours of the morning.
The alarm clock in the laptop irritatingly buzzes at 5:15, after a couple of snoozes, I wake up at 5:30.
The Herculean task I ever do in a day is waking up. Seriously!!!
My mind commands, sleep. My heart requests, swim.
At times, my mind defeats the heart and I find the warm pleasure in slumbering back. But most times, thankfully, my heart is stronger.
I grab the keys of my roomie's sexy, speedy, sporty Honda CBR.
Many neighbours would curse me for igniting that mean machine at that wee hours.
Yeah!!! it roars loud and for me the very sound of opening the throttle gives an eternal, blissful high.
A high speed adrenaline rush at early morning is more divine than listening to M.S. Subbalakshmi's Suprabhata or 108 gayatri mantra.
The Miguel Aleman stretch till deviation towards Concstitucion is safe for pushing the bike, if not to its limits, atleast to 130 kmph beating shit out of most cars. After that there are too many signals and road is slightly spotty and scratchy, the speed is drastically slowed.
I guess I'm one and only person on this earth to drive CBR with a pair of Reebok floaters and Adidas Climalite long sleeve. If it's true, I deserve a mention in some book of records.
An hour long swimming under the coach's strict instructions.
The return journey is way too slow in comparison with onward journey, due to heavy traffic and sometimes moves at snail pace in case of collision.

A quick shower.
You don't need to ponder over what to order for breakfast...akki idli, rave idli, masala dosa, khaali dosa, khara bath, avalakki, bisi bele bath, vangi bath...
No!!! It's just a binary choice - either Bimbo bread or Nestle fruit-ring cereals. Sometimes with eggs, fruits or juices (We eagerly wait for Fridays for a tacos breakfast in close proximity to our colony).
Have a chat with parents and some friends during and after breakfast. The same talk everyday...what did you eat for dinner? what will you eat for lunch? what are u having for breakfast? how is the weather today? how was swimming?
A long and tiring walk* for 2 minutes to office (Yeah!!! The house and office are separated by just a street).
*A slight variant of this would be, we either kayak or swim to office when it rains. Avenue Sepulveda transmogrifies magically into Rio Sepulveda. It's recommended for swimming learners since the water is just knee deep.

An elevenses at 10:30.
Lunch break at 1:00.
Most times we drive to nearby "cheapie restaurantes" else we have previous day's sambar and curry microwaved to an unbelievable freshness.
A tiny siesta if we gourmandize at home.
3:30 another lousy coffee break.
Spanish classes at 5.
Hurray back home at 6:30.

Drool over the nice golden yellow sunlight of the evening (Thats the photographer in me talking).
Repent for not having a car yet. Don't ask me if repenting a routine too? For, it is.
Practice some guitar riffs with volume knob on amp set to almost full, hoping for some chick to fall for it. No luck yet!!!
Start cooking.
Have a peg of whatever is available...usually Tequila, Vodka, Rum or Whiskey.
Edit/upload photographs if new ones are taken else read/give comments to others.
Respond to few chat buzzes.
Food is ready by 8:30.
Dinner time!!!
Eat a little bit of whatever is cooked.
Take a short stroll if eaten more.
Laze around on the bed.
Time for Jazz!!! Time for Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, David Sanborn, Joe Sample, Marcus Miller, Lee Ritenour, Eric Clapton to appear on my VLC player.
Read a few pages of "Is Paris Burning?", which is moving at snail pace.
Put the Apple to sleep and then myself.

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