Friday, September 28, 2007

A Pleasant Spam

Spams are not always that disgusting, nauseating and worthless. It's not always about Viagra, international investments, po*n subscriptions or free games. Sometimes it maybe as pleasant to read as this one:

Good day, my gentleman

I am writing to you because I can't be lonely any more... Recently I understood that I can't breathe freely because I don't have a loving man near me who will support and protect me every day and to who I will present all the love and tenderness I have! With me you will see coziness and comfort in your house, you will feel love and care every day... I want to be the best wife... Let's correspond... If you wish to, please see me here

Looking forward to hear from you
Juliya P

My reply to Juliya:
Sorry Juliya, looks like you are suffering from Asthma or terminal bronchitis. You don't need me, you should consult a good doctor.

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