Saturday, September 08, 2007


After two weeks of "gratis" swimming practice at the pool, I decided to enroll myself for the morning batch and practice regularly.
I went to the office of aquatic sports section at Ciudad Deportivo, Churbusco. I went at 2:40PM and the colorful notice on the door, that made the glass door completely opaque, indicated that the office opens at 3PM. The window was veiled by dirty yellow curtain which again hid the inside world from the outside.
We thought of getting the passport xeroxed within that 20 minutes since it was required.
We came by 3:05PM. The door was still closed, the crowd was more, few were knocking but there was no response. The door next to it opened, few other officials entered and we asked at what time does the next door open? The lady said "It is supposed to open at 3, but the lady inside may open it at anytime, left to her will".
We had to wait for another 20 minutes till the door opened as a response to one of the lucky bugger's knock. Almost a 60 year old lady, with the least interest in her work, said I had to get medical certificate to enroll myself. I told her I've been practicing in this pool for past 2 weeks with the permission of the coach Sr. Martin and I also participated in the recent swimming competition. She said, with a grim face, "Ask Martin to talk to me, you can find him in the pool now".
I walked to the pool and requested Martin to come and talk to her since he knew me. The moment I said I'm gonna join the morning batch, he rejected to come and talk to the old lady. The reason he gave was ridiculous and far from reality. He said that the morning batch had nothing to do with him, the whole administration changes for the morning batch and I have to talk to the coaches of morning batch. Instead of bull shitting so much, he could have just walked down with me to office and said he knew me and I could enroll, my life would have been much easier.
Now I need to find a doctor who will have to give in writing that I'm mentally and physically sound and stable!!!
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