Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Signs of old age

We keep pulling Neto's legs calling him old and lazy. But he proved that he is old during one of the recent interviews we had. As a consequence, his brain cells have greatly slowed down and the processor in his brain always fetches data from wrong address.

We were interviewing this new guy who wanted to know more about the projects here in Mexico. I, as usual, described the project with all the fancy words in this world to give an impression that we are doing THE job on this planet. Neto felt that I was missing few elements about the other projects.

Neto: "Errrrr.....there is some development goin on too in the other group, one on...errr...Symbian and other on errrrr Linux. There are two processors one for the hardware, AMR errr...AMD damn...I forgot the name of the other one....errr...the one that handles all the codecs...CSD processor...err no..."


Me: Hey what were all those processors?
Neto: Damn I couldnt get the names of those man...I wanted to say ARM and DSP....damn I knew AMR is a codec and AMD is a competitor of Intel....Shit!!!
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