Friday, October 26, 2007

After effects...

The after effects of my surviving are both welcoming and devastating, its upto you to decide which is which...

I was on news, I was interviewed by TV channels.
I'm given titles "Gabe Walker", "Cliff Hanger", "Survivor", "Stupid S.O.B".
I goto a roadside food place and order tacos, they ask if I was the one stuck in Cerro de las Mitras who was rescued. Today the server at the same tacos place was giving me some tips for not getting lost too!!!
In the Spanish class our teacher starts giving a list of important telephone numbers and out of the blue Arun giggles "Numero de proteccion civil, por favor!!!"
We goto a semi-posh oriental food place and ask for a table, the server asks if we were the Indians who got stuck in the mountains.
I request Abraham to take me to Cervantino, a folk festival in Guanajuato. He thinks for a second or two and says "Hey I'm sorry, I can't take you there. There are lots of mountains and tall buildings around!!!"
I tell people that I'm off to Los Cabos for a vacation, they say "Don't go to mountains please".
After an interesting discussion on women, Eric says, "All the hot women are in town, not in rocky mountains."
I met a person from Tijuana, who works for Bose and he knew about my survival, he was asking more questions. And then I told him I would love to work for Bose and he immediately shoots back, "Tijuana has many mountains too!!!"

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