Friday, October 12, 2007

Cult talk

Deepa was invited by Betsy, an elementary school teacher, for giving an introduction to second and third grade kids about Indian culture. Deepa asked me to join along and I agreed.

Now I'm sure most of you would be "Rolling On The Floor Laughing". I know it sounds highly oxymoronic for you guys, when you hear words like "Culture, Customs and Tradition" falling off my mouth. But what the heck!!!

Friday morning at 8:10, we were waiting at the reception. One of the lady staffs led us to second grade class room by about 8:30. There were very few kids in the class and all of them were awestruck to see Deepa in salwaar kameez.
We started off with where is India, the national entities - animal, bird, flower, flag etc.
After meeting "Cosmopolitan Barbie" I made sure, that the kids learn the basic fact that India is much bigger than Mexico. I showed the map and explained few things...different languages, different food, different culture.
We showed few photographs of temple, a groomed bride, food, traditional dance etc.

Deepa made one interesting "slip of a tongue" while explaining about food, which is worth mentioning. She was explaining that in India cow is treated as God and it is not eaten in India. Then she tried to tell what meat we eat and was flaunting her Spanish skills.
"Pollo, pescado, and Betsy what do you call that...err...cabron???"
(For the uninitiated, cabron means bastard, bi%$^h etc.)

Betsy's countenance, for a moment, changed rapidly from smiling to a more surprised yet serious one. She said "Cabrito!!! Childrennnnnn, people in India eat cabrito, pollo and pescado" and she whispered to Deepa, "Deepa you need to watch your words". I had a moment of "inside chuckling" and continued explaining more about food.
The session lasted for half hour and ended with a photo session and when we were about to leave, a sweet kid came to me, pointed at Deepa's laptop and said "My papa also has this".

We then repeated the same procedure at grade 3. Difference was that there were much more kids than second grade, more teachers were listening and Deepa was more careful. After the session there were many questions from the kids. This again ended with a photo session.

Going to the school, talking to kids, talking about our country, culture, answering their sweet, innocent questions and an amusing blunder by Deepa all added to loads of fun and feel good factors.

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