Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Wrong Airline

We decided on travel dates and finally booked flight tickets using Shyam's credit card. The website declined the credit card first time and when we retried, it worked. And hence the e-ticket, in addition to confirmation status, contained two more lines:

Number: N43T6C
Status: Confirmed

Credit Card VI XXXXXXXXXXXX5631 $ 9,979.89 MXN (Declined)
Credit Card VI XXXXXXXXXXXX5631 $ 9,979.89 MXN (Confirmed)

Shyam wanted me to take help of my kind Mexican friends and cross-check by calling up viva-aerobus. I quickly googled the vivaaerobus page, got the contact number and asked Jaime/Adria to speak to one of those customer support guys. After navigating through a set of IVR keys to reach the person, Jaime inquired about the status by giving the confirmation number. The lady on the other side was perplexed to hear the number. She asked him to give her the credit card number. I quickly got the credit card number from Shyam and handed over to Jaime. The operator shot back that there was our tickets have not been confirmed. It was shocking to know that, for in next 4 days we were supposed to travel.

Then my eyes fell on the page header of the e-ticket which contained the following line:

I felt like kicking my ass hard for being as stupid as those white haired females of blonde jokes. We had booked ticket of Volaris airlines and calling up Vivaaerobus for confirmation. Bahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
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