Friday, December 07, 2007

Gyaastric problem

We have this new guy in our team, nice and friendly, simple and humorous. He has a fiancée and is planning to get married soon. Everything going smooth but for one thing...his gastroenteritis, which with a heavy heart and heavy north Karnataka accent he says "gyaashrtic problem".

Back in India he was a heavy drinker and a marathon of parties caused him severe heartburn and the doctor advised him not to drink too much and other dietary advices. Unfortunately he is here in Mexico and still scrupulously follows them. When we chop ginger for preparing alu gobi, he grabs a big piece of eat and starts munching, "This is good yaar for gyaashtric, doctor has told". Garlic is not spared too, out of 10 garlic cloves for mushroom curry, 3 will be missing even before it's cooked. He drools over alcohol, unable to resist his temptation he sips over a small of whiskey for about 3 hours, that too with countless number of forced cheers and saluds. At coffee break, while we enjoy our dose of caffeine he haplessly drinks hot water. While Mexican food is to be enjoyed with chilies, he adds small quantities of sugar to food to beat his gyaas.

At this point of time, I remember a funny poem which my friend had told, years ago, during one of our treks. It's a two-liner which he composed for his girl friend. Maybe this guy wants to do the same to get more romantic:
I may burp, I may fart
I've got love in my heart
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