Sunday, December 23, 2007

Parque La Estanzuela

Away from the bustle of city life, but yet close to city, lies the natural park which bears the name "Parque Natural La Estanzuela". From Monterrey turn your vehicle towards Eugenio Garza Sada, which leads to Carretera Nacional. Watch out for HEB on the left, take the exit to Valle Alto close to HEB and keep driving straight for 3 more minutes and then you see the entrance of Parque Estanzuela on to your left.

The painful part of the entrance (not for those driving SUVs) is the 3Km stretch of cobblestoned road leading to the parking and ticket counter. I had to drive my Jetta at 10Kmph in second gear to stop the suspension from getting conked off. The ticket costs peanuts, 5 pesos (about Rs.20) per person and alcohol is prohibited. A 2Km parallel pavement follows the entrance with a creek in between them canopied by greenwoods and containing sojourn of butterflies. For the interested few, this place has been listed by Naba (North American Butterfly Association) for the plethora of butterflies it houses. The last stretch of the pavement is quite steep after which you find a place to rest. The pavement ends at that point and all you have is trekking pass through the woods and occasionally along the magnificent green, pristine travertine pools formed by sweet sounding streams. The water is crystal clear, ice cold and tastes fresh. Taking a dip is a good idea, though requires to push yourself a lot for the first dip. The trek is an easy one though we couldn't goto the end point. We hiked till the waterfall point and returned. On our way back, we satiated our aquatic pleasures in one such travertine pool by taking a hallowed dip. The trek took us about 4 hours with long breaks for photography, the results of which are below:

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