Wednesday, January 09, 2008

An epitome of misfortune

I bet one could not get more unluckier than this one. JJ, my good old friend (he is still as lascivious as he was 6 years earlier during college days) and one among millions of proud desis working in Dallas was here for a vacation. When I say "here", I mean Mexico, which according to people like JJ is a poor, uneducated, third world country full of pretty senoritas, tequila drinkers and immigrants trying to escape to america for moving lawns and selling dope. If there is one person on this planet, who is exactly a counter-me, then it has to be JJ. While I get excited by travel, hiking, nature, photography, adventure; he on the other hand drools over nightlife, laziness, pool tables, sleeping in addition to few unmentionables.

During his stay here, attributed to his nature, he felt like playing pool once. After checking with Jaggu about El Huezo, restaurant, bar and second house of Jaggu, we thought of taking JJ there. We reached El Huezo, it was CLOSED, we were early. They were to open at 5 and we were there by 4:15 in the evening. We made JJ walk with utmost reluctance to the tacos place in San Pedro, about a kilometer and a half. It was CLOSED. We then thought of having Pollo alambre at Las Brasas restaurant, just a street across the tacos place. It was CLOSED. I filled JJ's hopes with sumptuous Pollo Quesadillas and pretty waitresses at El Huezo and made him walk back again, like luring the dog with the smell of biscuit. We reached El Huezo by 5:15 and to our, more his, dismay it remained CLOSED. We then headed to Palacio de Hierro, one of the posh and fancy (the color of the whole building keeps changing) shopping malls which had a food court. I thought he could taste those nice handmade gorditas at Donatota, but it was CLOSED. His eyes turned to Arabic fastfood place and he cried, "Hey how about some Arabic food?" As the last syllable hit the airwaves and reached my ears, the lights of the Arabic fastfood place got TURNED OFF, as though there was some telepathy between him and restaurant crew. We then headed to Buchakas, one of the Mexican joints, as we reached the counter, with a grim face the lady said "NO SERVICIO". We then headed to Dynasty, a Chinese food outlet and she gave us the last scrape of fried rice she ever had and we had to satiate our hunger with whatever she gave. We then headed to La Costilla, another place with pool table. It was CLOSED. We finally bowled for sometime and went home.

The next day, we went to Costco since he wanted to buy some typical Mexican caramel chocolates and tequilas. Again it was CLOSED. We stopped over at Valle Oriente, a gigantic shopping mall. Goddamn!!! The whole mall was CLOSED. The taxi driver missed few exits, as a result of which he made us have a Monterrey tour from one corner to another on the slowest of the roads. Luckily the Walmart was open for him to grab some stuff from Mexico and he got a bit more luckier that he could taste Gorditas in the end.

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