Friday, January 11, 2008

Lake Patzcuaro

Patzcuaro lake lies in the Michoacan state of Mexico, less than an hour long drive from the capital Morelia. The water of the lake is muddy, but houses 3 islands and myriads of fishes. The launch costs 35 pesos, which plies between the dock at Patzcuaro city to Janitzio island (read Hanitzio). Isla Janitzio, a mountainous island has many artists selling their works in narrow alleys. The staircase leads to the summit of the island where there is a gigantic statue of José María Morelos, the priest who led the Mexican war of Independence. The main attraction of the trip is, for me atleast, not the island itself but the butterfly fishermen in the lake. The fishing net is in the shape of a butterfly which makes them a perfect subject for us photographers.

Shops selling souvenirs at the boat wharf in Patzcuaro

Muddy waters, yet blue!!!

With Arms Wide Open...

The fisherman with artistic net

The Blue Ambience

Exhibition cum fishing...the fishermen perform the
fishing, a delight for photographers

A view from the top of the statue of Morelos on Isla Janitzio

Sea gulls bidding us goodbye

Cute kid, I managed to click on launch.
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