Friday, January 11, 2008


What prompted me for this particular blog is the sheer ignorance the whole world, especially it's big brother america, has towards Mexico. For simplifying the reading, I've made it a bulleted article...

  • Mexico is a COUNTRY below america. No it's not a part of Dallas, it's not a shortened name of New Mexico, neither it's somewhere close to Brazil.
  • Mexico BELONGS to North American continent and NOT to South America. And trust me there is no continent by name Central America to which it may belong to. Err...I was thinking america and Canada were the only countries in North America!!! You're wrong, there are many more countries..Belize, Costarica, Guatemala to name a few.
  • Mexico does NOT care about 4th of July, it's only the american independence day, not it's 16th September.
  • Mexican flag has vertical red, green and white stripes with eagle hunting down the snake, it's not the same as star spangled banner.
  • Spanish is the official language here, don't expect board in English. Learn Spanish or have a dictionary. English is a no-good language here.
  • Mexico has schools, roads, electricity, water supply and gas. People are educated, in other words...they can read, write and think.
  • There are cars, buses, flights here for moving around but no trains. Horse driven carts are found in some villages still, but mostly cars are the main means of transportation.
  • Joses, Carloses and Fernandos are not the only names here. There are Cuitlahuacs, Nepomucenos and Axayactls too, though an average gringo may end up breaking his tongue even if tries to utter these names.
  • Cancun, Los Cabos, Acapulco, Tijuana and Mexico city are not the only cities here, there are Monterrey, Puebla, Morelia, Guanajuato, Sonora, Leon, Villahermosa, Tampico and many other cities...beautiful and worth visiting.
  • There are Mexican doctors, engineers, artists and architects not just lawn movers, constructors and cleaners.
  • Mexicans are warm and friendly, that means, you can expect a smile for a smile, you can strike a conversation with a stranger without worrying about your privacy, you don't need written consent from parents to photograph a kid on street, you won't be treated differently based on skin colour.
  • You don't need to be scared of a Mexican, you won't be threatened of violence or robbed at gun point here. I've travelled umpteen places without any troubles.
  • Warning!!! Food here is generally spicy and don't expect the spice levels to be mentioned with fancy scales and measures. Gringos can safely avoid all the salsas and jalapeños to prevent serious intestinal burnings.
  • Distances are measured in kilometers, weights in kilograms, liquids in liters, temperatures in centigrades...thank God!!!
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