Friday, January 11, 2008

Morelia...The Colonial Capital

Considered as one of the most beautiful cities of Mexico, Morelia does live up to the fact. Being capital of the state of Michoacan, which houses innumerable natural wonders, Morelia has to be one of the proudest cities of Mexico. I'm afraid this article just kisses the city, without getting into every nerve of such a pretty place, for I was not lucky enough to visit the nook and cranny of this city.

As you enter the city, you are transformed to the colonial period, with magnificent stone buildings all over the city. Earlier the city was called Valladolid and was mainly populated by the Spanish conquistadors and their servants, the indigenous purepecha Indians. The city has narrow streets, meant mainly for horse carts...unfortunately that has become a curse for the modern traffic which moves at snail pace. Centro de Historico which mainly constitutes Madero street contains the splendid Baroque cathedral, the signature monument of Morelia. Near the cathedral are located many restaurants which serve food outside and this results in a very busy pavement, especially during festive seasons. The street has many buildings, mainly of colonial nature with reddish sandstones, which has made Morelia, The City Of Rose Quarries. Present not just in Morelia, but also on the 50 pesos notes of Mexico is the glorious Aqueduct, which supplied water to the town until 1910. It's beautifully lit during night, in modern days it serves as a royal arch for the vehicles to pass through.

This is the city I would long to visit again. I hope I'll have enough time and money to visit every single street, shoot every single building, eat in every single restaurant and write a more comprehensive travelogue.


An HDR shot of a colonial building near the town center

Baroque Cathedral, the pride of Morelia

A street scene in Morelia

A broken shop on the outskirts

Nightview of Calle Madero

Even the name plates bear Monarchs

Buildings on Calle Madero
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