Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Parque Fundidora

Nice golden winter light, idyllic warm weather, not in a mood for adventure - all these made me indecisive on a Sunday evening. I neither wanted to stay at home, nor was game for any serious activities though I was in a mood for a few clicks. And at such times, Parque Fundidora will be a perfect destination. After hosting Universal Forum of Cultures (Forum in short), 2007, Fundidora is a major weekend attraction for the regios (locals from Monterrey). The good old foundry buildings have now become an antique architectural sites, housing restaurants and museums. There are long and winding walking tracks, used not just by pedestrians but also by skaters and cyclists, playground for kids, slopes for free-skaters, artificial lakes and bridges. A perfect place for family kinds, romancing couples, sportsmen and paparazzi photographers like us. I've tried to shoot people here which I'm not really good at (most of them in black and white), click on each of them to see bigger versions and don't forget to drop a line if you like them.

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