Thursday, February 07, 2008

All in the names...

People are in desperate need to convey information to the outside world. And often this leads them to take severely stupid measures, one of them being the name change in orkut. This trend has tremendously gained acceleration after orkut started feeding the updates of the contacts - changing names, uploading photos, feeding videos etc. Here is a brief list of interesting name changes (first name - last name) that I've observed on orkut.

Wedding - on Feb. 10 A friend wants the world to know about his wedding date
Lost battle - once again A friend who got dumped recently
Never share - your passwords A friend who got dumped by sharing password
Harsha - going to Arkansas A friend moving to Arkansas
Harsha - living in Arkansas The same guy after his movement
To Hell and Back - The Marathon Friend who ran this one, try heaven next time
Kumar - Returning to India The name says it all
Rajiv - Album Updated Don't be so explicit dude, we get updates anyways
Vijay - Defeating Earth's Gravity Maybe he was trying to design a rocket or something
Su.. - is having a merry Christmas Christmas can't be year long baby, time to work
Sameer - Workutting A die-hard Orkut aficionado
Anand - is dil ne kya kya sapne dikhya Quit orkut and start writing songs bhai
Srijith - On a Mission I've seen this since 3 years, mission not started maybe
Twosome - Awesome Threesome - awesomer!!!
Hurray!!! - To America I pity you
Gundapi - $DON$ Which area?
Bharath - Back in 4 weeks!!! Front in how many weeks?
Chethan in namma - Bengaluru till 12th Where are you right now Chethan?
Reducing - Carbon Footprint Freaking geek you're
Amith - in Monterrey, Mexico A field called location needs to be updated, not name
Nithin - In Love Cho chweet but make the status field set to taken instead of name change
I Luv December - Yaaaaahooooooooooo Was that the max. no of Os orkut allowed?
Swaroop - I like porn Nice name, but beware of adwares and malwares
Sunita - Looking for a Job Good luck!!!
Shivaji - Release Tomorrow Thanks thambi
Veena - Am I an aquarian or a piscean? I don't care a shit babe
Sandhya - Looking for a roommate How about me Sandhya?
Naina - Insomniac Need massage?
Join Deepthi's - Fan Club Deepthi?
BaCk In InDiA - Contact me on[9844579071] The most desperate guy I've seen
Krishna - Boarding flight Ridiculous!!!
Krishna - Flying
Krishna - Reached Newyork
Krishna- Hurray reached home
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