Tuesday, February 19, 2008

China needs English experts, badly!!!

I found these two articles on the Sanya tourism websites. They've changed the historical Silk road to Sild road and the grammar kicks some serious asses.

2007 New Sild Road Model Contest

2007 New Silk Road Model final Contest will be staged on September 15. At the same period, it will be held the first “Beauty ·Sanya”Fashion Festival which is organized by Sanya tourism Industry Development Broard and New Silk Road Model Agencies . During the event there are formed by professional fashion show, the first Beauty Ecomomic Forum and 2007 New Sild Road Model Conntest Aworded Party.
This contest is one of the largest event which the most female athletes nominated since the the first contest,and the first launched on the net work division has become the focus of the public concern. This year's finals sets up "Sanya fashion" series of activities. For "beautiful Economic Forum"will be held September 14, 15, the models generally think that this Forum will have great significance for develop of the model industry.

57rh Miss World

In 2007 on the night of June 15th 18:00:00, Miss world's organization signs the cooperation agreement with Sanya 's government and hold a news conference, Misll World'sorganization chairman Madam morly with Sanya vice- mayor LIu BO QING signs agreement together, declared the 57th Miss world total finals will be hold in Sanya on December 1st in 2007.
Since 2003, the 53rd Miss World finals held in Sanya, China, this beautiful international coastal tourism city has been held the finals three times,as 54th ,55th . The far-reaching truly beauty effects make Sanya tend towards the world truely .The Tropical Paradise city own “Grand house of Miss World.The final’s theme is "Beautiful Sanya, ignition the Olympic ." the Miss World final activities will couple tightly with the arranging activities of Olympic torch relay .Sanya will plan to take the Miss World as "beautiful Sanya envoy" to form the "Global Olympic cities " mission to Almaty, St. Petersburg, London, Helsinki, Macau and Beijing, Qingdao, Chengdu and other cities inside and outside .
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