Monday, February 25, 2008

Pueblo Jame

On the road deviating towards to Matahuala from Monterrey-Saltillo highway lies many villages hidden behind the gigantic chains of mountains. Jame is one of them, to reach, one should take exit to Los Lirios on Matahuala highway. Located in the valley of Sierra Madre chain of mountains, this village is picturesque and less known to outside world. It costs about 20 liters of gasoline and 60 pesos toll to reach this precious village, made up of apple farms and warm hearted people. Before I complete the introduction, I would want to say thanks to Alex and Hector for suggesting and helping me find the route on map.

As said earlier this village is veiled by the mountains all around and naturally it's an apt place for hikers, mountain bikers, ATV drivers, mountain climbers and photographers. Without much thinking, we started walking towards the tallest visible mountain, we don't even know it's name. We crossed through a couple of farm houses, farms of onions and apples, few ranches before we started the actual hike. It was not so dense forest, the hike was a bit steep and the route was difficult for it had too many thorny cactus. As we proceeded, we realized that we were not going in the right direction for there was no trekking pass which we could see. We kept climbing for more than an hour but we just couldn't make it to the top. It was almost 2:30 in the noon, we were hungry and we had not carried much food except for few energy bars, we decided to retreat. It took much less time to descend and by the time we reached the town the light was golden yellow colour, just perfect for photography. We stopped at a couple of places for photographing the village church, the village landscape from an elevated point during return. And here are the photographs, click on each of them for enlarged view.

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