Thursday, March 06, 2008

Concerts and me

An year and half long project in Shanghai got over on 15th March, I fly back to Bangalore on 16th and 17th March Iron Maiden played in Bangalore. A perfect example of making it in the nick of time.
My company sent me to Mexico!!! in May and 1st of September I was banging my head for Toni Iommi's riffs when Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell tour brought them here.

The Gods were kind enough to send Iron Maiden to Monterrey and Bruce bestowed upon us his blessings on 22nd of March - Somewhere Back in Time, World Tour 2008.
And this takes the piece of cake - I was supposed to reach Bangalore on 15th March for a vacation and I was utterly disappointed that I was missing the Megadeth concert by only 12 hours. But then the tickets were not yet confirmed and the only date in proximity to 13th which had tickets was 10th and my boss agreed!!! What more do I need?

F@#$ I'm Lucky!!!
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