Thursday, March 27, 2008

Height of Absurdity

Kingfisher airlines, known for it's pretty mistresses aboard, gave me a truck load of crap (read Policy in their jargon) when I called them to check for my reservation status. After the prompt response by a hasty female attendant about my reservation, I had an extra question. "Can I carry my guitar as cabin baggage given that I'll be carrying my laptop?"
She put the call on hold to check with the concerned authorities and got back to me, "Thanks for waiting. If you're carrying your laptop also, then the best thing you can do is buy another ticket and then carry the guitar!!!"
I told her, "Don't you feel that this sounds absolutely ridiculous?"
She replied, "Yes sir."
I shot back, "I'm surprised why KF airlines won't allow me to carry guitar, for Malaysian airlines allowed me without any troubles."
She said, "It's our policy sir. Sorry for the inconvenience. Anything else you want to find out?"
I slammed the phone down saying, "No thanks"
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