Saturday, March 29, 2008

Predators and Terrorists

Dogs have been man's best companion for ages but as man evolved, dogs evolved too. There were different breeds with different purposes with different food habits. As their population increased, men couldn't tame them anymore so they were left astray on the streets. These stray dogs which resulted due to imbalance back then, has now become a deadly menace on the streets of Bangalore.

About 3 years back, when I was returning home from office on my motorcycle, I spotted an ugly, angry canine on the street. As my bike sped, like a cheetah chasing a deer, it started chasing me ferociously. I don't know what went inside that creature, but for an onlooker it looked as though the dog was trying to race with my bike. Maybe it was trying to get a bite of my flesh to satiate it's hunger or the noise of my RXZ annoyed the creature to chase me. I was lucky that I escaped unhurt, but the purpose of this passage is not to describe the chase, but to make organizations like PETA or PFA aware that stray dogs can be disastrous on roads leading to fatal accidents. PFA website in it's achievements page have mentioned that it got the stray dogs adapted by dog lovers, but as mentioned earlier, unfortunately, dogs are outnumbering dog lovers.

That was an incident quite long back (but very much prevalent even today on most streets) and since then the dogs are evolving into wolves. Incidents of dogs mauling kids to death is not so uncommon in Bangalore and other cities. This and this are few of the many deaths caused by the, man's best companion, dog. Such incidents might disturb, distress and shake the public when reported on news channels, but gradually they end up in oblivion leaving the dogs as usual - cheerful, hungry and preying.

And the most recent incident of downing the Kingfisher flight ATR72-500 during it's take-off in Bangalore is "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" kinds. The Kingfisher flight hit the stray dog on the runway which caused the nose landing gear to collapse thereby delaying flights. Dogs truly are evolving in every sense, from two-wheelers they've switched to planes!!! Are the man's best friends turning into terrorists?

Here I read a touching report about maltreating the strays, but I'm not sure how vaccinating and neutering the dogs would prevent the aforementioned "chasing the two-wheelers" or "mauling the children" or "downing the flight" cases. Probably the dogs may need some kinda asylum (should I call it jail for all it's misdeeds?), maybe a vast area on the outskirts of Bangalore, where they could be fed and taken care. I'm against killing those innocent creatures on the roads in such a terrible way, but they could be subjected to a rather painless methods of euthanasia - probably injections? I may sound harsh and heartless, but shouldn't we get pragmatic at some point of time?

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