Thursday, April 17, 2008

The "G" Factor

People do get confused by foreigner names but this one excels.

My friend Pau came to me asking which Geetha is she supposed to send the mail. There were half a dozen Geethas displayed in her Outlook address book. I was not really sure which one, for I didn't even no a single Geetha and couldn't really help her out. Then comes my friend-cum-manager Benji to whom she asks the same question. The fat and happy Benji is confused as to why she had to send a mail to Geetha in the first place, for Geetha was in no way concerned with the matter for what Pau was triggering a mail. After a quick contemplation he asks, "Do you wanna send mail to Gildas? Coz he is the point of contact for all our support and not any of those Geethas".

My suggestion for you Pau: Don't read just the first and last letters, read stuff between them too.
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