Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kingfisher rocks!!!

I know the entire multitude of India and foreigners to a certain extent would nod in agreement if I were to be talking about the...Oola la la la Oole Ooo...KF beer, but the current article is about Kingfisher airlines.

In a nutshell, Kingfisher airlines is NIIIICCCCCCCCEEEEEEE (like Borat says).

Right from check-in to alighting I was impressed. The check-in counter, was not so crowded and the check-in happened in a wink, without slightest hassles. The boarding was fast and smooth, welcomed aboard by a lady dressed in dashing red attire with a pleasant smile on a pretty face.

The fuselage was aesthetic with red silky upholstery. Each seat was equipped with personal TV monitors screening most of India's leading channels (watching "Laughter challenge" up in the air was a different experience altogether). The stewardesses, needless to say were a treat to eyes, were tiptop in manners and etiquettes. Vijay Mallya, it seems, has hand picked the stewardesses for Kingfisher airlines and I couldn't suspect that statement, atleast in this particular flight. The food was sumptuous and sufficient for the journey which lasted an hour and a half. Add to all this are the freebies and goodies you can pocket-in, a pair of KF earphones and a pen. Though not that great, Continental charges $1 for the stupid 2 pin earphones.

Thinking of my connecting flight which was 16 hours long, I was seriously hoping that Kingfisher airlines start international flights. Kudos Mr. Mallya, whether beers or flights, you and your brand rock!!!

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