Friday, April 25, 2008

A Matter of Consistency

This is what I call "consistency". From past 3 years, without failing on single day, no matter sunny or rainy, normal or cataclysmic, working or vacationing, I receive this mail:


Its been more than 6 months since you last updated your Skill information in Peoplesoft
Log into the system to update the changes.

This E-Mail Brought to you by PeopleSoft WorkFlow Technology. Please do not reply.

Being bugged by this crap, I promptly logged into the tedious system once and updated my "SKILLS". But to my dismay the mails didn't stop. The system which sends this mail should understand that my skills haven't improved considerably that I update it every day. Worse still, it not only spams my inbox, it spams my manager's too, keeping him in copy. Two of my managers (current and ex) complained to me that they are being spammed because of me, I replied to them, "Just delete. I've been spammed for past 3 years."

There is another system in my company which is equally consistent, but thankfully, the frequency of it's spamming is less. Once a week I get this mail:

Subject: PERFORCE: Unused Clientspecs

Hello sachin,
The following Perforce clientspec(s) owned by you, have not been
used for more than 120 days.
Please delete these clientspec(s) if they are not needed anymore.

The beauty of this mail is that I never used the Perforce tool during my, almost, 5 years of stint in this company, which means I was never a Perforce client. That makes the whole tool mysterious making me to ponder if it is really Perforce tool or some anti-Microsoft spamming tool. I remember replying to config-management admin to delete my clientspec, I swear my heart that I don't use any clientspec. I was wondering why the mail stated that I have not used the client spec for more than 120 days, it should have been nearly 1800 days.
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