Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Unordered Milestones

Since majority of my blog audience (atleast from India) are from IT world, I'll have to make a mention that this one is not about project milestones. It's about REAL milestones, the ones that are beside the roads and indicate the distance to be travelled. After the IT invasion in India, most of us would travel by air and those poor milestones are damned and forgotten. Just in case, if you feel like, "Yeah I remember...it's the red colour box kinda thingy right?" then you better see how a milestone looks like here, coz what you remembered just now was a post-box.

As we were travelling back from Zaragoza via Linares towards Monterrey, we saw the first milestone which read: MONTERREY-39Km. We drove a few kilometers and see another one: MONTERREY-43Km!!! And this is how the series looked:


Mind you, we were not drunk or hallucinated that we read the boards wrong or kept encircling the roundabouts. Such a thing was found on Carretera Nacional, a significant national highway leading to south Mexico.

The same, but of lesser falsity but higher idiocy happened when we were off to mountains for a hike at Chipinque ecological park. The top most point is called "El Pinal" and there are many other named places of which there are signboards marked with distance. There was a Y intersection of metal roads. On the longer arm of Y, slightly before the intersection, was a board pointing to the right arm which read: EL PINAL-4.7Km. At the intersection the board read: EL PINAL -5.1Km!!!

Probably for the milestone planters, the boards were given and ask them to plant without any instructions. And that reminds me of the celebrated Bill Watterson's comic strip:

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