Sunday, July 06, 2008

Contest Entries

National Wildlife Federation (NWF) recently held a contest with various themes like Mammals, Birds, Connecting people with nature, Landscape and plantlife and following are my entries. Drop a note if you like them and wish me good luck:

Fishermen at Patzcuaro, Mexico.

Horsemen at Xinjiang, China.

Bulbul at Srinagar, India.

Praying Mantis at Sports Authority Bangalore, India.

Caressing Lions at Shanghai Wildlife Park, China.

Lady collecting firewood in Xinjiang, China.

Red Headed Vulture landing, Los Cabos, Mexico.

Green Snake at Thirthalli, India.

Golden Meanders at Xinjiang, China.

Frogs for sale, Shanghai, China.

Pearl Drops at Pico Cuauhtemoc, Monterrey, Mexico.

A winter scene in Zhangjiang, Hunan, China.

Milky fall at Zaragoza, Mexico

Romantic Butterflies of Parque La Estanzuela, Monterey, Mexico.

Lions at Shanghai Wildlife Park, China.

Proud Peacock at Cola de Caballo, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Wavy Sands of Taklimakan desert, Xinjiang, China.

Desert Sunset at the outskirts of Matehuala, Mexico.

Sad Cactus at Real de Catorce, San Luis, Mexico.

Portrait of a cub at Bioparque Estrella, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.
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