Monday, July 14, 2008

Photographs using Canon SD1100 IS

Last weekend I got a chance to shoot with a tiny yet brilliant camera, Canon SD1100 IS. Used to lugging my bulky 20D everywhere I went, it really felt nice to have something which I could shove it in my pocket whenever I was not using. The camera is loaded with all the features one would look for in a point and shoot, the video quality is brilliant but the thing that impressed me more was it's speed, focusing and exposure. Most P&S cameras I've used invariably does a standard exposure, but this one slightly underexposes the shots which gives rise to photographs with rich and profound colours. The startup time is just about a wink, focussing is precise and has amazing macro capabilities. I'm not a thorough tester who did a comprehensive testing, but I was impressed by the basic shooting I did and the camera rocks. With a price tag of $250, I highly recommend this camera to photography novices. Here are some sample shots.

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