Monday, August 18, 2008

La Presa el Cuchillo

On a boring Saturday evening, we were searching the internet where to head and we found "La Presa el Cuchillo". Presa translates to dam and cuchillo to knife, supposedly this lake is in the shape of a knife when viewed aerially (check the map below). Getting there, though, is not so difficult is a tad expensive because of those damned tolls which Mexico is famous for. Follow the road that directs to Cadreyta, from Cadreyta you'll start seeing boards pointing to China. Yeah!!! China in Mexico!!! It's about 100Km from Monterrey.

Once you arrive at the outskirts of China you can witness the bank of the lake on to your right. There is no signboards, no indications, no entrance gates for this lake. Just park your car anywhere near the bank, ascend the bank and you see a vast stretch of water. It's an ideal spot for fishing, canoeing and chilling with beers (unfortunately we did nothing of that sorts). You happen to see unhappy lazy bones cursing over their fishing failures and some cheerful souls cruising on boats. The walk on the bank reveals an entirely new world of moths, dragon flies, butterflies and spiders...there are plethora of them filling the air and bushes on edges of the banks. The dam area is prohibited for visitors.

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