Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cervantino 2008

Guanajuato - The Prettiest City, was the title of my post which talked about Guanajuato travelogue. I was fortunate enough to visit this place once again in my life and what more! I was there not seeing Guanajuato once again, but for Festival Internacional Cervantino 2008.

Cervantino, the cultural festival which attracts participants from all over the world, happens in October every year (date varies). It's a festival of arts, dance, music and theatre. During this time Guanajuato will have the maximum crowd, selling record setting levels of food, alcohol and condoms. The crowd is mainly Mexican followed by gringos and Europeans. The hostels are overbooked, restaurants are over-crowded, streets are jam packed and tickets are always sold out. Artists are ubiquitous in the town, be it restaurants, be it streets, be it'll see a caricaturist sketching the funny souls, painter trying to set the sun on canvas, Red-Indian trying to do a bird dance with feathers all over him, a human robot entertaining the crowd or pipe-musicians and guitarists having a makeshift concert on the street.

Cervantino is way too much to describe in words, so let me cut the crap here and give a you an account of the festival by photographs...for a picture speaks more than 1000 words. These photographs were taken with Canon SD1100 IS. Thanks to Sanjay and Liyan for lending me their cameras.

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