Saturday, October 04, 2008

Path to Success

You know why photographers of National Geographic magazine are prized's because of their ability to capture the moment when the moment occurs. And the moment usually lasts shorter than a wink of an eye. It's the ability to capture such moments, the knack of handling the equipment, the patience and a little bit of luck...makes them great photographers. I happened to be in one such situation, situation in which I had to capture a moment and I realized that my Natgeo dreams are yet way too far fetched.

Below are the photographs in which I tried to capture flying dolphins in the Pacific ocean in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. I've turned all of them to grayscale for uniformity. All of them were shot from a boat using Canon EOS20D, loaded with 70-200/4L lens. It was the most difficult photography I've ever done...the rocking of the boat, the unpredictability of the dolphins, the focussing speed of camera, my ability to compose and click...every factor mattered. It's only by sheer luck I guess I could get the final shot. Perseverance pays, just be sure that your batteries are charged to be persistant enough.

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