Sunday, November 09, 2008

10 Driving Tips for Foreginers Driving in Mexico

  1. Don't carry weapons, drugs and opened alcohol bottles.
  2. Always carry cash, around 100-500 pesos in order to bribe the cops, if need be. Read this one: Cops and Karmas. Sometimes cops can be ridiculously unreasonable, like this hilarious incident.
  3. Carry your debit card for emergency purpose. Credit cards are as worthless as plastic.
  4. Carry all the documents to prove your identity and permit - passport, visa or FM3.
  5. Carry all the documents concerning the vehicle - registration card, insurance etc.
  6. Knowing Spanish would make your life much easier, else atleast have a contact in your mobile phone who could converse with the cops, in case you're stopped.
  7. If you're driving in cities like Mexico city, don't forget to do your prayers, for nobody gives a damn to lanes.
  8. Toll highways (marked cuota) are faster, safer and insured. But they're very expensive, probably Mexico is the most expensive country when it comes to toll fees. Free highways usually pass through villages and are bound to be much slower.
  9. Speed indicators on highways are never followed, I've seen cars zooming upto 200+ kmph. Be on the rightmost lane if you're planning to obey the speed limits.
  10. The distances marked on milestones are not all that precise. Read my another article: Unordered Milestones for more information. So expect about 5-10 km deviation from the marked ones.
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