Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Terror...My Views

India has become a pyrotechnic playground for terrorists...probably their conversation would look like:
Terrorist1: Let's play Diwali this November
Terrorist2: Sure, that's a good idea. Where shall we play?
Terrorist1: Which one do you like? Delhi or Mumbai?
Terrorist2: I prefer
Terrorist1: I like it too...what shall we play this Diwali with?
Terroist2: I'm bored of AK47s, let's use some MT6, RDX and some grenades my uncle has prepared.
Terrorist1: That's a great idea. Done deal!

Fun apart, India, in recent days, has indeed become a preferred target for terrorists from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and well within India. ULFA screw the east, LTTE trouble the south, LeT, Hizbul Mujahideen and many more torment the north and west, and finally the newbie Deccan Mujahideen probably takes care of rest of India. And for name sake we're 7th largest nation on this planet and to scare others, we posses WMD.

Sometimes I feel that we've elected a pussy government...I mean seriously. For a moment, imagine Israel in place of India and had they been attacked just the way it happened in Mumbai...they would have split their army into two - one to rescue the hostages and deal with the situation , second would have, with all their blood, sweat and tears, made sure that Karachi would be in ashes. I sort of like their first strike, then think attitude...probably that's the reason they're still going strong surrounded all around by their enemy nations.

In our case, we seldom strike...all we do is "analysis". All the intelligent, old bureaucratic uncles would analyse the situation so lethargically that the terrorists would be planning their next Diwali. Terrorists have realized this fact so well that they don't have to contemplate too much these days...just decide place and time and weapons to use. The fact states that the ship that injected terrorists into Mumbai started from Pakistan and India is still pondering if the whole act had any Pakistani footprints! All these years, the act of terrorism was an obscure one...with mostly explosive incarnations. But our "do-nothing" attitude has made them quit their behind-the-curtain way and now they've started firing in open. I just saw this on BBC website: "PM Singh came close to threatening retaliation against Pakistan" but I guess, Pakistan more staunchly believes "PM Singh is not at all serious in retaliating".

And I'm surprised by the amount of international limelight the whole drama has got. American news channels broadcasted live coverage, in place of ThanksGiving talkshows. And I was surprised by this statement of this news reader "If it's found that there was a Pakistani footprint in the whole operation, we've to see (I was expecting something like 'how India handles the situation') how president Barack Obama would handle these two nuclear powers"!!!!!!!
I always wonder why Big Daddy would want to take political advantages of every small opportunities it gets? Probably it would want to rule India just like it's ruling Afghanistan, Iraq? And what more? Mumbai has oil too!!!
My serious suggestion to Obama: Get your people to pay back their debts and solve your economic turmoil instead.

And these English cricketers...the great pseudo-moralists on this planet, who chickened out to continue the one-day series. I mean why? You guys are from the same country from which General Dyer, "The Butcher of Amritsar" hailed from! And why history, a couple of terrorists in this very incident, were very much from your country, see this.

My deep condolence for the affected people and for their families. I pray that God gives you more strength to endure everything. And I also wish a life more safe and secure. Hats off to all those brave commandos and police who, without giving a damn to their lives, rescued the hostages and shot down the terrorists. I just hope India wakes-up before it's too late.
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