Friday, November 21, 2008

Recession changes

Recession of recent days has brought over lots of behavioural changes in the office life.

People no more log in to their yahoos and gmails as their mundane startup tasks...instead, it's their office mails which are meticulously checked for subjects like "Organizational announcements", "Company re-org", or "CEO's address to employees". A sigh of relief immediately follows in case of no such mails.

Movie discussions, weekend party plans, steal deal shopping are all passé topics to rant over. Hot topics, now, include senior VP's dismissal, first list of employees to be laid off, cost cutting methods, loss of business and the likes.

Employees voluntarily quitting will be unfortunately branded as the pinkslipped ones.

Earlier, one-on-ones meant appraisals, promotions or salary letters...but one-on-one meetings are now the most hair-raising, spine-chilling, blood-curdling, nerve-racking ones that could ever happen.

People on-bench (resource pool, people not part of any project) were once upon a time, feed to the new projects, but the concept of resource pool itself is extinct. People on-bench are no more on-bench...they're no more in the company.

VPs, Directors and Business heads...who, until now would have enjoyed their hard-to-count 6 digit salaries, lavish business class trips, chilled beers in Hilton hotel pools...will either have to start something on their own or prepare for a 'slightly' earlier retirement.

All of a sudden people have started ramping up their programming skills, domain knowledge, logical reasoning and what though the other companies are any better.

There is a lot of bluster about people returning to their villages and taking up agriculture, taking charge of their fathers' businesses, girls getting married to non-IT guys and photographers like me trying to realize their dreams.

Hmm...we're keeping out fingers crossed...lemme see if I'm gonna continue as a boring, geeky software engineer or a talented pro photographer in the near future.
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