Monday, December 08, 2008

El Desierto de Garcia

About an hour and half driving towards north-west from Monterrey would bring you to El Desierto de Garcia, the Garcia desert. There is nothing much over there to do or see apart from consulting Gitanjali en el Rancho Misterio (naturally healing doctor, some call her black-magician) or collecting Peyotes (hallucinogen cactus) or photographing the landscape. Without having anything better to do over the weekend, we decided to hit this desert and do the latter two.

For those interested few, Garcia map could be found here. From Monterrey, we took Monterrey-Saltillo highway until we encountered the Garcia deviation towards the right. After entering Garcia and passing all the industrial part, the road suddenly becomes narrower, take Calle Morelos until you get to the cemetery. At cemetery, there is a going straight and the other bending left. Take the one towards left and continue driving, after you cross the railway overbridge, the road is no more paved. It's better to have a 4WD and to drive with all window panes upped to keep your car interiors clean.

The surrounding landscape is mountainous, with a huge desert in the center. The road is highly dusty with dry vegetations around...twiggy bushes, varieties of cactus. There are lots of forsaken huts and grimy ranches along the road. Ask a bypasser for Gitanjali and you'll be directed rightly. We parked our car in nearby Gitanjali's ranch and looked for peyotes, to our surprise we found it easily. We met some other people who were looking for peyotes too, but they were clandestine about this fact and so were we.

Enroute, we had a very delicious dinner of pollo asada, barbecued chicken in Garcia and reached home "safely".

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