Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Matter of Superstition and Kolhapur Maha-Lakshmi

No matter how much technological advancement we make, no matter how many IT companies we house, no matter if the country is on fire...we still keep playing fiddle like these. This was a mail received, surprisingly, from my company's security and what was more surprising is that it was sent to a whole group of employees on deputation...probably he was too lazy to include 30 email. And the mail is a bit too ambiguous...I'm not sure if I have to wait for 4 days or 48 hours.

I seriously hope 30 mortals read this, so that I get some good news soon. And since it's Mahalaxmi thingy, you never know I may win a lottery or something. So all of you please see this blog post for heaven's sake...I'm already broke. And please don't pass it on...coz only I want to win the lottery, the probability of my winning may drastically come down once this is passed on.

The subject of the email was:

RE: Don't open if u cant FWD... (IT'S REALLY EFFECTIVE) Kolhapur -Mahalaxmil

Kolhapur -Mahalaxmi

Please send 30 copies and see what happens in 4 days.This chain letter comes from KOLAHPUR !! You will definitely receive some good news in 48 hours!!!! Best of Luck...
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