Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Dreary New Year Dawn

It was 10 to 5.
It was dark, cold and creepy.
We alighted the bus at Tapo station, Mexico city.
Both of us entered the toilet, Mallesh entered first and then me.
I could smell something fishy and filthy.
I saw four legs in the same toilet room.
There were two other unknown men there, the toilet bowl was broken and there was water all over in the toilet.
I just saw their legs through out the episode.
I proceeded over, stepping at dry places, to take a leak not paying too much attention to the situation.

I was half done, a cop entered the toilet and started knocking the door of that toilet room.
I got a chill in my spine, I zipped up.
I realized the mistake of entering the toilet.
I heard the cop asking those guys to come out.
Their legs didn't move.
The cop was brave yet stupid SOB.
He had a gun in his holster but never took it out.
We walked out, the police came behind us.
He shouted at another cop with bigger gun, who was rushing at the scene.
I thought if I had to click the entire situation, for my camera was with me, as always, but then I was scared.
We head out with mindful of disturbance and scare.

My mind kept pondering around the scene all through the day.
What if the gay mofo, pulled out a pistol and shot the cop point blank and shot the rest of us in the toilet?
What if we were taken hostage by their gang?
What if he turned out to be gay maniac?
What if there was a fierce shoot out between cops and the aforementioned men?
What if there was a cold blooded murder inside the toilet and the cops asked us to be eyewitness?
We travelled this long only to get killed coldly in a stinking toilet by some fag criminal?
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