Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Out of Office Reply

This was my Out of Office Reply I had set before I went for vacations.

I'm heading to Chiapas from 22nd December to 5th January, I shall not be able to answer any of your emails/queries till then. You can call me on my mobile number for urgent issues, but most times I'm gonna be deep inside tropical selvas of the south, I don't think Movistar network coverage is that great. So I'm completely out of question.

For any ECosto related queries, consult Benjamin...but hold on...I guess he is already having fun in Queretaro since 2 days. Lucky Benja! I'm not authorized to say if you can call on his cell number.

Try your luck with Eduardo, but darn! He just came to my seat to bid farewell. He just left to Guanajuato, his hometown. He said his cell will be switched off until 5th January. No luck with Eduardo too.

Lemme guess who else is left.
Dolores...give her a break...she is newly married, let her enjoy her vacations.
Jasmine, she has anyway quit the entire project. No use even mentioning her.

Making it straight and simple, don't expect any support from us till 5th January. If there can be problems in ECosto software, there will be problems in ECosto software. Figure it out and fix it yourselves.

Bottom line is...WE ARE OVER AND OUT.
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