Friday, March 20, 2009

Reversal Theory in Practice

As most of you know, that my stint in Mexico is almost over...9 more days to go. So this friend of mine, nicknamed Nacho, knew my wanderlust and he invited me for one last trip to his home town of Cuernavaca with a sojourn in the "Nevado de Toluca", volcano. I couldn't resist such a tempting invitation and said yes to him. He said that he was gonna take care of everything- from booking flight tickets to planning and accommodation, which was all the more welcoming.

Now I don't know if Nacho was into too much psychology and stuff and was trying to put the Reversal theory in practice, but he did something very unique that we had to calloff the trip. Let me try to make you understand what he did, in the easiest way possible, for it's a little difficult to comprehend the whole scenario.

Let's say you're currently in the city A and you want to go to city B for four days on vacation and come back to city A.
You book a flight from city A to city B, say for example on 19th March.
You also book a return flight from city B back to city A on say, 23rd March.

Now what my good friend Nacho had done, in his attempt to try out the Reversal Theory is:
He booked from city B to A on 19th March and from A to B on 23rd March, while we were living in city A!!!

Now that's something cool, isn't it? Booking tickets in a usual way is very ordinary to be appreciated. But booking return tickets before the onward tickets, isn't it like a special thing? Kudos to Nacho!!!

P.S. In our case city A was Monterrey and city B was Toluca
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