Monday, April 06, 2009

Adding Colours To Expressions

I stepped off my car at my office parking lot on a cloudy day and there was this good old white VW beetle also parked there. What drew my attention was the colourful polka dots on it's body, atleast that's how it looked like at first sight from a distance. As we walked closed to it, we realized that the whole damn car was covered with PostIt of green and blue and pink and yellow. That was something very new to me and couldn't comprehend initially. Then I realized that the PostIts were not blank ones, but had something scribbled on it. When I read a couple of them, I realized that the owners of the car had a baby and each of the PostIts expressed their love to the newborn. It had words like - we adore you, we love you, we want you, you're pretty, always together, kisses to you. I peronally loved the way of expressing love this way, something unique, something colourful and something so damn expressive!

P.S: Thanks Liyan for lending her camera for shooting this.
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