Saturday, May 16, 2009

Glorieta de seis huevos

Before I forget some of the funny things about Mexico, I better make a note of it in my blog. This is one such thing, which my friend Nacho told when I went with him to Nevado de Toluca.

We were passing through the city of Cuernavaca and we had to cross this roundabout which bore the name "Glorieta de Emiliano Zapata" (Emiliano Zapata roundabout). It's a huge roundabout with 4 main roads joining and in the center is located a stone monument of Emiliano Zapata proudly sitting on his horse. I noticed that there were traffic lights which were switched off, there were cops who were lazy and lethargic to control the traffic and crossing the roundabout seemed to be a Herculean task. Nacho told me the Cuernavacans call the roundabout "Glorietas de seis huevos" which translates to "Six balls roundabout".

Though I could guess it partially, I asked him why so. He said "Dos huevos de Zapata, dos del caballo y dos de algien tienen que tener para cruzar este glorieta!" which translates to "Two balls of Zapata, two of the horse and two that someone need to have to cross this roundabout!"
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