Saturday, May 16, 2009

Market Analysis

This is an interesting story the guide at Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma (CCM) told us when we took the tour. It seems initially there were two different cervecerías (beer breweries), Cuauhtémoc and Moctezuma. Just the way it happens in our IT industry, Moctezuma suffered losses and Cuauhtémoc acquired and saved the drowning beer industry.

Now Moctezuma had their own brands of beers and Cuauhtémoc had their own too and after the merger, things were going smooth. Moctezuma had one eponymous brand which the CCM market analysts realized that it's sales were kinda going down for unknown reasons. The superficial analysis didn't help and the marketing guys had to do some technically profound field research and they did so.

There were analysts not just sitting in the CCM office, but they were sent to some chosen bars where Moctuzema beer was sold. Analysts disguised themselves as waiters and started serving the beer esp. Moctuzema. So the drunkards ordered their first beer, second, third, fourth and fifth. After the fifth one, somehow people couldn't order the beer properly...their brains had lost control over their tongues and the whole scene of beer ordering looked like this:

una moctuzema por favor
una mas moctuzema por favor
joven una moctuzema por fa
Oye joven dame una moctuzema por favor
una moczema por favor
Discuple senor, una mozema por fa
una chinga! mo mo modelo por favor

one moctuzema please
one more moctuzema please
boy one moctuzema please
Hey dude gimme a moctuzema please
one moczema please
Excuse me sir, one mozema please
one*#&$! mo mo modelo please

Now as u see, after fourth beer people could no longer say the beer name properly, worse still, in the end they started ordering Modelo which is another beer from a different beer brewery.

Now that they found the reason for the decline in sales, CCM management called for a board meeting and it was decided to rechristened to "Indio". Definitely with just three simple syllables, even after their 15th beer people could easily say...

Joven un pinche Indio por favor (Dude one f*$&ing Indio please)
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